TO TRIM OR NOT TO TRIM Your beard when you are growing it out


Cold winters, personal interest, passion, style statement, there can be n number of reasons but when a man decides to grow a beard, you can expect endless styles to come. Especially when you are going for a long full beard, the journey will be tedious, full of ups and downs, different awkward stages. But whatever it is, long beard or short beard, there is one question that hits all. Whether to trim it or not and if yes then when and how much? Some of you might think that “I want to grow a long beard so trimming is out of option” and some people think that regular trimming accelerates growth. Let’s clear our doubts about this situation today in this blog.


beard model

When you are into beard growing process it does not matter how long you are planning to grow. You need to understand that it’s not only about growing, it’s about grooming too. So when you hit the mark of let’s say about 45 days or when you can see enough noticeable amount of beard then it is the time when you should start thinking and planning about trimming.

The truth is, occasionally a light trim is actually beneficial for your beard. I know you might think how can cutting it will be beneficial when you are trying to grow it out. You know what! You are absolutely correct but I’m not talking about shaving it off completely or trimming it every second day. I’m talking about maybe about 5mm or something like that. Though the idea of leaving your facial hair to grow free and wild might seems great but letting it grow wildly will lead to split ends, half broken hair, further increasing the damage, untamed appearance, community rejection, etc. Occasional trimming not only helps you to get rid of those damaged beard strands but also keeps your mustache and beard under control or get it in a defined shape.


trimming tools

Even if it is an occasional trim, choosing the right tool is very important. I know the choices are very obvious – Trimmer or Scissor. Both of these tools comes with advantages as well as disadvantages over each other like trimmers will be better if you are going for any particular shape but the chances of making mistakes are also very high, there is no coming back from it. With scissors you can choose strands one by one to trim but is very time taking. There are many other factors like these (I’ll keep those for another blog) but if you are new to trimming I’ll suggest going with scissors as there is low probability of making mistakes and if you can handle trimmer easily then go for it, they give better results when it comes to tasks like tapering. Just don’t over trim your beard and don’t do it too often. The word “occasional” is very important


When you are in the middle of growing your beard or your beard is few months big, there will be few awkward days when your beard just won’t listen to you. No matter how hard you will try, it just won’t come into shape. Not only awkward days, you will have those arrogant mischievous strands that will go onto their own path, I know they don’t listen. Because of all this, people will make comments and tell you that you should trim.

I know sometimes it makes you feel low and you just want to trim every strand that doesn’t listen to you. But just take a deep breath (seriously take a deep breath) and listen to this. These problems can definitely make you uncomfortable but don’t think about it so much. It’s just a phase that will pass. The strands which are not listening today will grow long in few days and will come back to their place. Your beard is not getting into shape today, it will be okay tomorrow. I mean, that is the exciting and adventurous part of it, it gives different experiences every day. Otherwise, what is the difference between getting a wig and growing your own? And those comments which people are making are baseless, they don’t know what is going on with you, they are just being judgemental. Don’t run after every strand to cut it, take a deep breath and go on with it, give it some time and everything will be okay. Do what you must, come what may.

Let it grow my friend, let it grow…..

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  1. These are very good advices as I am in the process of growing a long beard taking inspiration from you and other folks out there who has long beards. However, I had the same exact problems that you mentioned above and now that I am already into 1.5 yrs of growing, I see the beard is not that long enough for the time I spent. I see the beard not just listen to me many days as I got a wavy beard and not as thick and dense as yours (jealous ! 🙂 I recently trimmed a bit but I am wondering if I reached the end of anagen phase already. Tring hard to keep the hair to fall straight with oil, wash and dryer to get it into long shape but it just doesn’t happen. Would be great to hear from you as to what do I do? I am still patient enough not to cut it off but want to grow it further. I like you long and dense beard and that looks awesome. How long did it take it for you to grow such a long beard? What else did you do to maintain or grow your beard? Or is it so that my beard reached end of growth? Looking forward

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