Though India has always had a culture of keeping beard and mustache, Indian youths who sport a beard doesn’t receive much appreciation. Even the Internet is filled with a list of people with inspirational beards, but not from India. So, today we bring you some of the best Indian Instagram pages for when you need some good old beard inspiration.

nitin chauhan

There is something in Nitin Chauhan’s beard and mustache that they complement each other to near perfection. This Punjabi boy will surely make you think about sporting a beard, and we fully recommend it.

Everyone looks awesome with a beard, but there are some who are so legendary that even a beard is just another feature. One such man is Thasveer Muhammed, his page is filled with posts of his adventure and an awesome beard.

rahul bora

The tradition of keeping beard and mustache is not an alien concept for India. For people who prefer a traditional look, Rahul Bora’s page is a must follow. His page features his traditional roots and an awesome beard.

prateek jain

Boldness and confidence personified, there is something in his eyes which is equally mesmerizing as his beard. People who have a curly beard know how hard it is to manage it, and Prateek Jain is a prime example of someone rocking a curly beard.

anuj sharma

He will surely motivate you to improve your beard game. A certified martial artist according to his bio, his beard is equally hard-core. Fashion, health, hair, and beard here is another person from our list who is a complete inspiration.


It seems that beard can make any outfit look good, or, our list has some seriously fashionable people. Whatever may be the case here is another person which will give you an ample dose of beard motivation.


A page for male fashion, it goes on to show how a beard can positively affect your looks. This page has photos of @aksheevpuri who sports a healthy beard. Beard or fashion, you should definitely check this page out.


Last but not least, our very own Caredbeards official Instagram page is also filled with inspiring posts for every beard fan. Information about best beard products in India, tips, and suggestion for beard care, and some good old guys with awesome beard our page has it all. So go ahead and follow.

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