So you’ve decided. You want to grow a beard. Before I tell you about the process, how to start, process, myths, and tips I want to tell you that you are not alone. I know that you will face difficulties, sometimes you will feel like cutting it. But I promise that the journey will be adventurous, you will notice different exciting phases, you will be able to stand out from the mob outside your house, you will inspire many others and you will be able to change the negative views towards beardsmen around you. Just keep your heart strong, for everything else we are there to help you.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Growing a beard is not for weak hearted. There will be ups and downs. Since great things come with a cost, you might face rejections. But before listening to baseless comments and advice, prefer consulting your heart and talking to us.

Growing a beard is a process that every person should understand. That’s why not everyone is able to grow a beard because they don’t care about understanding the process. So if you are just starting to grow a beard or you are already in the process, we’ve prepared 5 most important tips that you should know when you want to grow a beard.


Growing a beard is no magic. You will not get a full beard overnight and you will have to make peace with that. You will have to give it the time of about 4-5 months before deciding anything. Most people give their beard only about a month to grow and after one month when they can’t see a full-grown beard, they cut it. There are some rules of nature. Give your beard time to grow properly and you will be able to notice what your body is capable of, you will definitely get one awesome beard and then you can decide how much more you want to grow it or much you have to trim.


Everyone wants something different with their beards, everyone likes different looks. But when you grow a beard and you don’t know what exactly you want or how you might look or about different styles you can get with your beard, then it means you are walking on a path with no milestones, no directions, no destination and nothing to look around and you will end up nowhere. That’s exactly same with a beard. If you don’t have any goal or someone who you can look up to then you might end up cutting your beard. Find someone around you who you can look up to or find your goal, what exactly you want from your beard. Go to the internet, you’ll find some great legendary beards in the world. From them you will get ideas, they will motivate you, give you inspiration. Do not compare your beard with them because they got a different level of experience, tools, tricks and overall remember every man’s beard is different. So do not compare but get inspired by them and learn from them. It will motivate you to keep your beard.


When you go out asking random people how to grow a beard, you’ll get two types of advice. Some of them will say that cut your beard regularly and it will grow more and dense. Some will advise you to let it grow freely, don’t touch it, just let it grow. Then you get confused because these are totally opposite advice. I’ll neither say they both are correct nor I will say they both are wrong. The only reason that you are getting these two pieces of advice is that they are based on half knowledge. The reason why they are correct and wrong at the same time is – If you will let your facial hair grow freely without touching it, you might face community rejection and people might throw judgemental comments at you like homeless or unclean. If you are not bothered by these comments then grow it freely, embrace it. But if these comments affect your work, life, even thoughts then just don’t listen to people who tell you to cut it. Instead, carve it. Keep your cheek line and neckline properly trimmed until your beard is short. When your beard will grow long, your neckline won’t be visible and uneven cheek line will merge with the long beard and always keep your beard clean and tidy. It will turn you into a well-groomed person and you will be able to avoid those comments.


Yes, you read it correct “USE PRODUCTS”. I know some of the people who never grew a beard might laugh at it because they might think that beards don’t need products or products are just for styling. These thoughts are again based on half knowledge. Products are not just for styling. Your facial hair and facial skin require particular nutrients to grow in a healthy manner and even your body cannot produce some of those nutrients. Your beard also faces external harmful elements. To protect your beard from those harmful elements and provide required nutrients, you have to use products. The only thing you should remember is to make sure you are buying the right product and you are using it in a correct way. Also, give your product some time to show the result.


Grooming is not only a choice but also a necessity. It is required by every bearded person. We all like to style our facial hair in a different manner and to achieve those styles you have to groom your beard regularly. There are different types of combs and brushes available in the market which you can use. It not only helps you to style your beard but it also distributes the oil/balm/wax throughout your beard evenly. When we don’t groom our facial hair, it looks unruly or shabby which attracts people to make negative comments. Also without grooming, the product you generally use is not applied throughout your beard evenly and you cannot take the advantage of the product to its full potential.


So these are tips which you should know when you are starting to grow a beard. Not only that even if you are in the middle of your bearding, these tips will help you to maintain a healthy beard.

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