We do not know any marketing strategies. we do not know how to write catchy phrases. All we know is that we love facial hair. We know how to nurture them, what is good for them? What is bad for them? That’s it. We just know how to take care of facial hair. Each day we make best beard products with best ingredients in a best possible way. It gives us satisfaction when we know that we are making something good, something that can make any beard lover happy. We do not want to conquer anything. We just want to share our love for facial hair and when we see someone satisfied with our products as much as we are, that is our reward. You know why? Because facial hair is not a trend for us, it’s our way of life.

our products

We are tired of cheap quality products and poorly crafted tools, because of which we were not able to groom our beard properly and because of which beards are considered as unclean & unhygienic. For that, we provide our high-quality natural products and services, not just to help you get an awesome beard but to have an awesome bearding experience.

At Caredbeards we have developed premium products with natural ingredients which will help you to keep your beard, hair, skin healthy and luscious. With great looks, our products will provide a healthy environment for your skin and hair.

Our products are free of parabens and harsh chemicals, completely crafted with natural ingredients which will create a bond with your hair, body and provide long-term benefits. We chose our ingredients according to needs, even our fragrances are naturally derived (blends of essential oils). The essential oils we chose to obtain our fragrances are not only chosen for their smell but for the qualities and nutrients, they carry with them.

We keep as much transparency as possible with our products by describing ingredients and properties. Our products are crafted in small quantities to maintain high-quality. For your safety, we test each batch on ourselves before providing it to you.

our story

Caredbeards was born because of the love and passion we carry in our hearts for facial hair. Once deeply rooted in our tradition and culture as a sign of wisdom and dignity are today considered as unhygienic, antisocial unethical. Companies and organizations ask their staff to completely shave their beard. People think that beard cannot be clean. We understand the negativity a bearded person face in our society. We know this negativity cannot be undone in a moment, but it is possible.

Back when we were inexperienced, we used products, tools and techniques which were easily available to us. As expected, we never could achieve the results we can be proud of. Then we turned to so-called beard products which were available in the market. We tried every product which was available. We did exactly what these companies were asking us to do, still didn’t make much of a difference to our beards. Nothing was working out. Then came the time we dropped everything and started everything from the scratch. We started learning about facial hair, skin, how our body reacts to facial hair, nutrients our body and facial hair needs. We read books, blogs, articles, watched tutorials, consulted experts. After months of research and hit & trials, we’ve worked out different products, grooming techniques with various tools and more. We are here to share our knowledge and experience through our products and growing & grooming tips to make your bearding experience great.

our vision

Shaving off your beard is a war you can never win. No matter how many times you shave, nature will never stop giving it to you and nature never gives anything which is not needed.

Our vision is not only to make society accept beard but to create a society that embraces this beautiful gift from nature. We want to a day to come when parents will ask their children to grow beards when companies will welcome bearded employees when people will acknowledge its beauty and benefits. We know our aim is not easy to achieve but with your help, we can definitely achieve it. So enjoy our products and services connect with us and in case you need any help tell us, we are always there to help you.